Beach Panties

This simple wetting video shows Sosha squatting on the beach and peeing through her panties.

For those of you who just enjoy simple panty peeing without a lot of fanfare this is a video for you. We get to see Sosha on the beach, and she has to pee. She manages to find a somewhat secluded spot, pulls down her jeans and squats. She doesn’t bother to remove her panties though. Instead we get to watch a nice close up of Sosha peeing through her underwear.

After she has finished peeing she leaves her wet panties on. She pulls up her jeans, still wearing her wet underwear, and walks away.

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  1. eddie says:

    Sosha is great especially when I can hear the hissing when se pees. Can Sosha flood a pair of leggings with cotton panties showing a VPL please. O yes, the hissing is a must have.


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