View through a hidden camera in a public bathroom of a girl wetting her pants.

Bathroom Spy Cam Captures Accident

In this video, we get to witness a humiliating pants-wetting accident from the vantage point of a spy camera hidden in a public bathroom.

Looking into the woman’s bathroom through a hidden camera, we see Sosha enter the scene.  She is so desperate to pee, she is already starting to wet her pants.  From the brief period of time it takes her to get to the toilet, her accident expands from a small wet spot to a major flood.

After struggling with her zipper she manages to get her pants down, but by now it doesn’t make too much of a difference.  Perhaps unaware of how badly she has wet herself, she still sits on the toilet, though she hasn’t pulled down her underwear, and continues to relieve herself.  Once she is done peeing she inspects her wet pants in underwear.  Clearly ashamed at having wet herself, she sulks out of the bathroom.

Preview Images

A hidden camera shot from inside a public bathroom.
A desperate woman enters the bathroom, already starting to wet her pants.
Struggling to get her pants down, they get substantially more wet.
Pulling down her wet pants and sitting on the toilet.
Peeing through her panties on the toilet.
Inspecting her wet pants and underwear.
Close-up shot of her wet panties.
Pulling her soaked pants up over her wet underwear.