Sosha peed in her shorts

Bathroom Shorts Selfies

This gallery features more than 50 unique selfies of Sosha intentionally peeing in her shorts.

In these photos we find Sosha in the bathroom, taking selfies on her phone in the mirror.  Through these pictures, she documents herself as she intentionally pees in her white shorts, making a puddle on the bathroom floor.  The wetness is extremely visible on her shorts, there is no hiding that she peed in her clothes.

After she is done peeing, she proudly shows off the wet stain she made on her shorts.  Putting her phone between her legs, she even takes some crotch-shots to full show off just how much she soaked her shorts.

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Taking a selfie as she pees in her shorts
Her shorts are visibly wet
Proudly showing off the wet patch on her clothes
She looks happy that she just peed herself