Sosha's bare feet standing in her pee puddle, still wearing her wet pants.

Bathroom Jeans Wetting Selfies

Sosha intentionally pees in her jeans, and takes pictures of it, which we are sharing with you here in this photo set.

We are really excited to bring you some more self-produced content directly from Sosha.  The setup here is simple- Sosha needed to pee, so she went to the bathroom.  Instead of using the toilet, she pees in her pants while taking pictures of herself.  In the pictures we can see she is wearing a pink top and jeans.  She does some poses for the camera before proceeding to pee in her pants.  After wetting her pants, she shows off the wet stain to the camera.

Preview Images

Sosha takes a selfie in the bathroom
A wet stain is visible on Sosha's jeans as she starts to pee herself
Sosha takes a selfie in the mirror in her wet, peed in pants.
Sosha poses, showing off the jeans she just peed in