Bathroom in Use

Alisha has an embarrassing wetting accident in her jeans when Sosha won’t get out of the bathroom on time.

The video opens with Alisha discussing the current video shoot and how it is going. She takes us into the bedroom, to show us a behind the scenes look at one of the locations we will be using. She needs to use the bathroom the bathroom though, so the behind the scenes tour stops as she seeks relief.

Unfortunately for Alisha (but fortunately for us) the bathroom door is locked. Alisha knocks and discovers Sosha is currently occupying the bathroom.

Sosha is in the bath tub, masturbating, and has a camera with her. In the midst of pleasuring herself she isn’t about to leave the tub to unlock the door for Alisha.

Alisha grows more and more desperate outside the bathroom door. At one point she even momentarily looses control and leaks a bit in her jeans. She is now frantic, on the verge of having a complete accident in her pants.

Inside the bathroom Sosha is still having fun in the tub. Caught up in the sensation, she can’t be bothered by Alisha’s predicament on the other side of the door.

Finally Alisha can not hold it any longer. She completely soaks her pants, making a puddle on the floor. The camera gives us an exquisite close up from the rear as rivers of urine flow through the denim.

Finally Sosha finishes up and opens the door only to be greeted by Alisha, standing in soaked pants with her feet splashing in her own pee puddle. Alisha is embarrassed, but Sosha invites her into the tub to clean up. In the tub Sosha helps Alisha undress and wash herself.

This video features-

  • Alisha locked out of the bathroom and desperate to pee.
  • Sosha masturbating in the bathtub.
  • Alisha momentarily loosing control and leaking in her jeans.
  • Sosha refusing to unlock the bathroom door and let Alisha in.
  • Alisha loosing control and completely peeing her pants.
  • Sosha and Alisha getting into the bath tub together, Alisha still wearing her pissed in clothes.
  • Sosha helping Alisha undress and clean up in the tub.