Close up as Sosha has a wetting accident in her pants.

Bathroom Door Prank

Lyra plays a prank that results in Sosha peeing her pants, but in the end, they both end up being victims in this video.

Knowing that typically Sosha arrives home desperate to pee, Lyra decides to lock the bathroom door, close it, and hide elsewhere in the house.  The idea is that when Sosha arrives home, desperate to pee, she will discover the door to the bathroom is locked and believe it to be occupied by Lyra.  Lyra would then sneak up on Sosha in tickle her, hopefully getting her to pee in her pants.

Just as Lyra planned, Sosha rushes to the bathroom as soon as she arrives home only to discover the door is locked.  She knocks on the door, believing Lyra to be inside, as she dances around and holds herself.  As she does this, Lyra quietly sneaks up behind her.  Once close enough, Lyra launches into a relentless tickle assault.

Being mercilessly tickled, and desperate to pee, it doesn’t take long for Sosha’s bladder to give out.  While still being tickled, Sosha pees in her pants, completely soaking them.  Lyra laughs, clearly amused that her prank went off exactly as she hoped.  However, Sosha points out a flaw- How are either of them going to get in the bathroom now that they are both locked out?

Preview Images

Desperate to pee, Sosha runs to the bathroom while holding herself.
Sosha discovers the bathroom door is locked.
Sosha knocks on the bathroom door, believing Lyra to be inside.
Desperate to pee outside a locked bathroom door.
Lyra sneaks up on Sosha.
Sosha tries not to pee while Lyra tickles her.
Lyra tickling Sosha.
Sosha peeing in her pants.
Close up on Sosha's pants after she peed in them.
Sosha and Lyra discuss the locked door as Sosha is still in her wet pants.