Bathroom Battle

Paige and Mikki, both desperate to pee, race to the bathroom.  Only one of them makes it though.

Mikki reaches the bathroom just before Paige and locks the door behind her, leaving Paige in the hallway with a bladder that is about to burst.  Paige begs Mikki to let her in to pee in the tub, or sink, or something.  Mikki simply ignores Paige’s please and keeps telling her to wait.

Soon Paige can’t take it anymore and looses control.  Standing outside the locked bathroom door, she pees in her pants, leaving them completely soaked.  Just then Mikki decides to come out of the bathroom, but it is too late.  Upon seeing the glistening wet pee stain on Paige’s pants, Mikki busts up laughing, adding to Paige’s humiliation.