April 19, 2013 Recorded Webcast

This is the recording of the April 19, 2013 live webcast. This show featured Sosha live in our studio wetting her pink panties and pissing into a bottle.

The ninety minute show starts with Sosha trying to decide what she should wear to pee in. With the help of the live audience she eventually decides on a pair of pink panties.

At the request of one of the viewers she pulls down her panties a bit in front revealing her shaved pussy. Then, while holding her panties in this position, she proceeds to pee into them just a little bit to get them good and wet.

Some time passes as Sosha grows more and more desperate, still wearing the wet pink panties from earlier. Eventually she says she won’t be able to hold it much longer and asks the live audience how they want her to pee. The answer? They want her to pee in her panties upside down so the pee runs down across her body.

Sosha is happy fulfill this request. Wearing nothing but panties she lays on the studio floor, props her legs up and gets into the best position she can. Once she is situated she lets go, wetting her panties. As expected it runs down her body getting her all wet.

From there she gets totally naked and stays that way for the remainder of the show. Soon she has to pee again. Since she is totally naked she holds a bottle between her legs and pees in it. After she finishes peeing she dumps the bottle out all over here bare breasts.

At this point there is only a few minutes left in the show. She uses the time to play with herself before saying goodbye.

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  1. jimmy says:

    I live in the U.K so I am not sure if I can watch the live webcam august 9th but I have a question. Could the Girls describe how they feel when wetting like does it give them a buzz, does it turn them on?

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