Olivia being interviewed about peeing her pants.

An Intimate Interview with Olivia

Olivia sits down for an intimate discussion about how she became involved in shooting fetish videos, her past fetish experiences with pee, and even shares some real-life humiliating accidents that she suffered.  Plus, find out what she would do if someone she knows found out she was acting in pee-porn.

In what has become a tradition at HD Wetting, we have Olivia, our newest model, sit down in front of the camera for an in-depth and personal interview.  In this video, she discusses candidly what lead her to pursue doing videos for HD Wetting as well as her thoughts and feelings about peeing her pants in front of a camera for an audience.  Later in the video, she goes on to discuss some unbelievably embarrassing public wetting accidents that she has suffered as an adult, and we ask her what she would do if any of her friends or family stumbled upon her videos.

Preview Images

Olivia sitting down for an on-camera interview.
A scene from a video playing on hdwetting.com
Olivia and Alisha appearing together in a scene.
Close-up of Olivia wearing wet shorts.
Frame from a phone video of Olivia wetting herself.
Olivia in a diaper.
Alisha and Olivia wetting themselves side-by-side.
Alisha and Olivia in the shower together.
Close-up shot of Olivia peeing in her pajamas.
Olivia sitting on the toilet peeing through her jeans.