Close up cell phone shot of Sosha's wet pants after she peed

Amateur On-Purpose Wetting

Alisha films Sosha on her phone, as Sosha intentionally pees in her jeans and shows off the wet patch to the camera.

This simple, amateur video was shot by Alisha, in the living room, without any special lighting or other production equipment.  Recording on her phone, Alisha has Sosha wet herself, as she captures the entire thing.

At first, Sosha has a bit difficulty going in her pants on purpose, but once she starts, she is able to keep going.  Her jeans grow dark with wetness as her urine soakes into the denim fabric.  Alisha moves in closer with the camera to get a better look as Sosha pees.  Once she is done peeing she briefly shows off her wet pants, before Alisha stops recording.

Preview Images

Standing in the living room, Sosha prepares to intentionally pee in her pants
Trying to make herself pee in her jeans
Starting to wet her pants
Full-on wetting her pants
View from behind after she wet her pants
Showing off her wet pants to the camera