Already Wet

Mary Jane and Sosha get together for some very wet fun in this video.

The video starts off with plenty of sexiness- Mary Jane and Sosha get into the shower together, fully clothed.  Once they are completely soaked, both girls realize they have to pee.  Since their clothes are already soaking wet, they can’t come up with a good reason not to just pee in their shots, which is precisely what they do.

The fun doesn’t end once they are done peeing. Mary Jane grabs a camera and films Sosha as she peels of her drenched clothing.  Once Sosha is completely naked she takes the camera from Mary Jane and films her stripping. Once they are both completely some serious making out starts.

This video shows-

  • Mary Jane and Sosha in the shower together fully clothed.
  • Both girls in soaking wet clothes in the shower.
  • Sosha and Mary Jane peeing through their already soaking wet shorts.
  • Both girls filming each other peeling off their soaking wet clothes.
  • Mary Jane and Sosha making out nude in the shower.