While crossing the street and wetting her pants, Sosha almost gets hit by a car.

Almost Hit by a Car and Wet Her Pants

Peeing your pants in public can be dangerous, as Sosha experiences in this video where she is almost run over while crossing the street.

In this daring public wetting video, we find Sosha desperate to pee along a busy city street.  She is waiting to cross at a crosswalk but is clearly fidgeting and holding herself at times.  Finally, the pedestrian signal changes and she is able to cross the street.  However, it is too late; As she crosses the street she starts to pee in her jeans.

Then, as she is peeing herself, she almost gets hit by a minivan.  Even though she is in the crosswalk and the pedestrian signal shows her having the right of way, the minivan only stops at the last possible moment.  Still, in the midst of peeing in her jeans, Sosha angrily glares at the minivan’s driver before running off for privacy.

Preview Images

Waiting to cross the street, Sosha is so desperate to pee she can't help but hold herself.
Crossing the street Sosha starts to pee in her jeans, making a visible wet spot.
Despite holding herself, Sosha continues peeing her pants as she crosses the street.
The wet patch on Sosha's jeans grows larger as she runs across the street.
While peeing her pants and crossing the street, a minivan almost hits Sosha.
Sosha made it across the street, but didn't make it to the bathroom. Her jeans are visibly wet after she peed herself.