Playing pool while desperate to pee

Alisha’s Desperate Pool Accident

While playing a friendly game of pool with Ryann, Alisha has an embarrassing wetting accident in her pants.

“Holy shit! You pissed yourself!” Ryann exclaims at Alisha, staring at her wet pants.  Alisha is absolutely humiliated.  She just peed her pants while playing pool.

Alisha knew she was desperate to pee, but failed to estimate just how dire the situation really was.  Focused more on the game than on her bladder, she crossed her legs and held herself as she grew more and more desperate with every passing moment.  Still, she remained preoccupied with the game, ignoring her bladder until it was too late.

The instant she started peeing, she knew she made a terrible miscalculation.  Her light colored pants vividly showed off her accident.  Ryann noticed almost right away, and was quick to point out that Alisha, a grown woman, just wet her pants.

After having completely peed in her pants, Alisha is absolutely humiliated.  With her legs soaked in her own urine, she takes off her sopping wet clothes and runs off to clean up.  The game is left unfinished, and Ryann is left shocked and amused, having just witnessed Alisha completely wet her pants.

Preview Images

Alisha and Ryann playing a friendly game of pool
Desperate to pee, Alisha crosses her legs and grabs her crotch
Playing pool with a full bladder
Alisha has a hard time focusing both on the game and her bladder
Oops, looks like Alisha is having a little accident in her pants
Looks like Alisha's little accident is turning into a big one
Alisha completely wet her pants
Ryann is shocked that Alisha just peed in her pants
From the back, Alisha's accident is extremely visible
Taking off her wet, peed in, pants