Alisha admires Sosha's wet panties.

Alisha’s Birthday Present

It is Alisha’s birthday, and Sosha has a very special present in store for her friend.  One might even say the present is worth its weight in “gold.”  For her birthday, Sosha gives Alisha a sexy lap dance, pees on her, then eats her out.

In this video, we get to watch Sosha give Alisha a special treat for her birthday.  Alisha is sitting on a chair when Sosha comes in, wearing a naughty outfit, and puts on some sexy music.  She then gives Alisha a playful lap dance.  Then, she stops dancing, pulls up her skirt, and pees through her blue panties onto Alisha’s lap.

After peeing on Alisha, Sosha pulls off Alisha’s pants and goes down on her.  She performs oral sex on Alisha until Alisha climaxes.  After Alisha cums, Sosha says she is going to clean everything up and asks Alisha to go get ready to go out to dinner.

Preview Images

Sosha dances sexily for Alisha.
Sosha grinds suggestively on Alisha.
Alisha laughs as Sosha gives her a sexy lap dance.
Sosha straddles Alisha's lap and hikes up her skirt.
Close up of Sosha peeing through her blue panties onto Alisha's lap.
Sosha pulls off Alisha's pants and kneels in front of her.
Sosha performing oral sex on Alisha.
Close up of Alisha's face as she climaxes.
Sosha kisses Alisha after making her cum.
Alisha pulls off Sosha's peed in panties.