Standing naked, Alisha holds up the panties she just peed in for the camera.

Alisha Wetting Pink Panties

Alisha pees in her pink panties, then gets completely naked for you in this sexy photo set.

The gallery starts off with some pictures of Alisha in her underwear posing for the camera.  She is wearing pink panties, and a pink sports bra.  After a few photos she removes the bra, then, only wearing panties, she pees.  We can see the pee stream flow from her underwear, falling between her legs.  Once she is done peeing we are treated to several more photographs where is showing off her wet underwear.  Finally she takes them off, getting completely naked.  She holds up her wet panties, giving the camera a chance to get some nice, clear shots, before the photo set comes to an end.

Preview Images

Wearing pink panties and a bra, Alisha smiles at the camera
Topless, Alisha shows of her pink panties
Standing topless, Alisha pees in her pink panties
After peeing in her panties, Alisha holds up the her wet underwear for the camera to see