Alisha performs oral sex on Olivia.

Alisha Tickles Olivia Until She Pees

It’s called “tickle training” – The act of creating an associating with a particular behavior when one is tickled.  Alisha has observed that Olivia is pretty good at holding her pee when she is desperate, so in this video, she tickle trains Olivia to pee herself when she gets tickled.

To train Olivia, Alisha tickles her relentlessly.  We get to watch as Olivia squirms around on the floor, laughing hysterically until she loses control of her bladder.  Unable to hold back the flood, she completely soaks her pajama bottoms and panties, making a large puddle.

Any kind of training should also include positive re-enforcement.  With that in mind, Alisha decides to reward Olivia after she has peed her pants.  Carefully, Alisha helps Olivia out of her dripping wet pajamas and underwear.  Once she is naked below the waist, Alisha goes down on her, performing oral sex until Olivia climaxes.

Preview Images

Olivia lays on the floor as Alisha sits next to her.
Alisha tickles Olivia's sides.
Close-up of Olivia laughing hysterically.
Looking up at Alisha as she tickles Olivia.
Close-up shot of Olivia starting to pee in her pajamas.
Olivia peeing full force into her pajamas.
Alisha removes Olivia's soaked pants and underwear.
Wide shot of Alisha performing oral sex on Olivia.
Angled shot showing Olivia having an orgasm, her face in the foreground and Alisha eating her out in the background.
Close-up showing Olivia's post-orgasmic smile.