Alisha proudly poses in the pants she just peed in

Alisha Soaks Her Pants

Bursting to pee, Alisha ends up completely soaking her pants on a chilly fall day in this gigantic photo set.

Featuring more than 100 unique photographs, this photo set gives us the stunningly sexy Alisha Adams outdoors on a cold, rainy day in late autumn.  She is wearing a gray sweater and tight, tan colored pants. Badly needing to pee, we get some shots of her looking desperate, but the bulk of this set features images of her wetting herself.

Her choice of pants turns out to be truly excellent for seeing how much she pees.  The wet patch is clearly visible on the fabric, a glistening dark wet stain extending down and around her legs.  When is finally finished peeing her pants are more wet than they are dry.  Despite the cold weather, she takes time to show off her soaking wet pants for the camera.  Eventually, the cold becomes too much to continue shooting and the photo set comes to an end.

Preview Images

Alisha squeezes her legs tightly together and holds herself
A wet patch is visible around her crotch as she starts to pee herself
A dark wet stain is visible running down the legs of her pants as she pees
After peeing in her pants, she proudly shows them off to the camera