A small wet patch is visible on the front of Alisha's jeans after she accidentally leaks a little.

Alisha Really Needs to Pee

Desperate to pee, with no bathroom in sight, Alisha ends up having an embarrassing wetting accident in her jeans in this video.

This intimate accident scene was shot by Alisha herself, on her phone, as she was out for a walk.  As she was strolling through the forest on a beautiful summer day, she found herself desperate to pee.  Recording a video of herself, we get to journey with her as she starts to leak in her pants.  Her small leaks quickly add up, and before long her jeans have a good sized, visible, wet patch on them.

Alisha realizes that continuing to hold on no longer serves any purpose.  She sighs as she accepts the inevitable and lets herself have an accident.  As she does so she points the camera at the front of her jeans, which we can see glistening in the sunlight as she wets herself.  After she is done peeing she shoots some additional angles of her wet pants, before telling us she is going to go try to clean herself up.

Preview Images

A loke of dire desperation on Alisha's face as she struggles not to pee.
A small leak escapes into Alisha's jeans, making them visibly wet.
Alisha talks directly to the camera as she struggles not to wet her pants anymore than she already has.
The wet spot on Alisha's jeans grows as she has more leaks.
The wet spot is getting even bigger as she looses the battle with her bladder.
A look of dissapointment is evident on Alisha's face as she realizes she is having a potty accident as an adult.
Close up shot showing the large pee patch on her jeans.
Alisha's jeans glisten in the sunlight as she gives up and pees her pants.
A view from behind of Alisha's legs shows that her pants are wet down the back and a puddle on the ground.
From the front we can see the damage to Alisha's jeans after she peed herself.