Looking up as Alisha pees through her panties straight towards the camera.

Alisha Pees in White Panties

Needing to pee while outdoors, Alisha is afraid that if she exposes herself someone might see her.  To protect her modesty, she decides to leave her panties on and pee through them instead.

This video takes us out into the great outdoors with Alisha.  She is wearing a t-shirt, pants, and panties underneath.  Needing to pee, Alisha is going to squat in some bushes, but fears that it still might be possible for someone passing by to see her.  Unwilling to risk exposing her personal parts to a stranger, she decides to leave her panties on while she pees.  Wetting her underwear is a small price to pay for modesty.

We get to watch as Alisha pulls down her pants, revealing her plain white panties.  Then squatting down she proceeds to pee through her underwear.  There is no question that she badly needed to go, as she continues to pee a forceful stream for an impressive period of time.  Eventually, her stream dwindles to just a trickle, then comes to an end.  We then get to see an instant replay of the wetting, this time in slow motion shot from a camera underneath her.

Finally, when she is done peeing, she pulls her pants back up over her wet panties.  Quickly, she realizes this was a mistake, as her wet underwear soaks through wetting her pants.  Now, with her bladder empty, she reflects on what just transpired and comes to the conclusion that next time she should simply try to find someplace more private and not attempt to pee through her underwear.

Preview Images

Alisha standing outside in the forest.
Starting to pull her pants down, revealing her white panties.
Squatting, preparing to pee in her panties.
Peeing through her white panties while squatting outdoors.
View from below as Alisha starts to pee in her underwear.
View from below as pee streams cascade through Alisha's underwear towards the camera.
Still wearing her wet, peed in underwear, Alisha stands up.
Putting her pants on over her wet underwear.
Visible wet patch on Alisha's pants from putting them on over her wet underwear.
Standing in the forest and reflecting on peeing in her underwear.