Alisha masturbates in the wet pants she just peed in.

Alisha Pees in Her White Pants

Watch Alisha intentionally pee in her white pants, then masturbate, in this sexy video.

Alisha shot this video herself at home and decided to share it with us.  In the video, she is in her bathroom and needs to pee.  Instead of simply peeing on the toilet, she decides it would be more fun to wet her pants.  She moves the camera into position to give us an exquisite close up as she wets herself, her white pants grow visibly wet.  After she is done peeing, she continues to record as she masturbates in her wet pants.

Preview Images

Alisha talks to the camera as she films herself.
Close-up of Alisha's pants just before she pees in them.
Peeing in her white pants.
Feeling her wet pants.
Putting her hand down her wet pants, she starts to masturbate.
Wide shot of Alisha masturbating in her wet pants.