Alisha pushes her jeans down showing her wet underwear.

Alisha Pees in Her Jeans for You

This straightforward pants wetting video features Alisha intentionally peeing in her jeans just for you.

We find Alisha in this video wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans.  Talking to the camera, Alisha tells us that she needs to pee and is going to wet her pants.  Without much more fanfare, she proceeds to do so.  Standing with her feet apart, she lets go, peeing in her pants.  As she wets her jeans the camera zooms in for a close-up, allowing us to fully appreciate the soaking wet denim.

After she is done peeing in her pants, she shows off the large wet patch to the camera.  She pulls down her pants a bit so we can see her soaked white panties, and turns around so we can see how wet her pants look from behind.

Preview Images

Starting to pee in her jeans a little bit.
Peeing more in her jeans.
Peing even more in her jeans.
Feeling her wet pants after peeing in them.
Inspecting her wet pants.
Showing her pee soaked panties.
Wide shot of her pee soaked jeans from behind.
Close-up of Alisha's wet ass.
Wearing her peed in jeans and smiling at the camera.