Alisha shows off her peed in panties.

Alisha Peeing in Her Blue Panties

After growing desperate to pee, Alisha ends up wetting her panties in this giant photo set, featuring more than 100 unique images.

In this gallery we find Alisha wearing a red tank top and blue panties.  She starts out posing for the camera, looking sexy, but soon it becomes obvious she is desperate to pee.  There are several photos were she is pressing her legs together and holding herself.

Eventually, she lets go and pees in her panties.  Across several more photos we get to see her underwear grow progressively more wet, as a look of orgasmic relief spreads across her face.  After she is done peeing she takes some time to show off her dripping wet panties, before taking them off and holding them up to the camera.

Preview Images

Wearing a red tank top and blue panties, Alisha poses for the camera.
Alisha smiles as she pees in her panties.
Showing off her wet underwear from behind.
Alisha holds up her dripping wet panties for the camera.