Alisha Needs to Pee

Alisha is desperate to pee, but ends up wetting her pants because the bathroom is in use in this video.

Horny, Sosha retreats to the bathroom to masturbate, locking the door behind her to ensure privacy. Soon after, Alisha races to the bathroom, desperate to go pee, only to discover the door is locked. She begs Sosha to hurry, but Sosha is simply annoyed, wanting to enjoy her private time.

As her situation grows more and more dire, Alisha bangs on the bathroom door, pleading with Sosha to please hurry. Sosha, however, is caught up in her own activities and could care less.

With her bladder stretched to capacity, it isn’t long before Alisha is no longer able to hold back the flood. Straining to hold on, Alisha wets her pants. The dark wet stain is clearly visible on her khaki pants. Her bladder, achingly full, releases a substantial about, thoroughly soaking her clothes.

At first, Alisha is stunned that she just had an accident, but soon the shock subsides and surprise turns to anger. Upset with Sosha for keeping her locked out, Alisha leaves her wet pants outside the bathroom door, so that hopefully Sosha will step on her pee when she leaves the bathroom. The video comes to an end as Alisha runs off to clean up.