Alisha Makes Nikko Pee

There is a lot that happens in this video, but ultimately we end up getting to watch both Nikko and Alisha pee in their panties.

We start with Nikko tied up, wearing only white panties with tiny flowers printed on them. She needs to pee, but is so thoroughly bound that she is only able to move her head. Alisha, wearing sexy black lingerie, threatens Nikko with a switch, trying to get Nikko to empty her bladder into her underwear.

Already needing to pee badly, and knowing that Alisha won’t let her go otherwise, Nikko finally relents and lets go. A stream of pee pours through her panties to the floor. Now that she has peed, what Alisha wanted her to do, Nikko believes the whole ordeal must be almost over.

Alisha, however, has other plans. The whole time that Alisha had been trying to get Nikko to pee in her panties, she had been hiding a secret- She needed to pee as well. Now that Nikko no longer needed to pee, Alisha decides that it is time to empty her bladder.

She climbs on top of Nikko. Positioned over her, Alisha lets go, peeing through her thong and all over Nikko’s front. Still tied up, Nikko is helpless to resist.

After Alisha is done peeing she dismounts and inspects Nikko. Nikko is completely soaked, not just with her own pee, but Alisha’s as well. Satisfied, Alisha walks away, leaving Nikko soaked, smelly, and tied up.