Sosha can't believe what she is seeing as Alisha pees in her pants.

Alisha Loves Birds

Sosha sabotages Alisha’s pants, gluing the zipper with super glue.  Later on, when Alisha needs to pee, she can’t get her pants down and ends up having a humiliating accident as Sosha gleefully watches.

Alisha, it turns, out, has a thing for birds.  This wouldn’t be a problem, except that she won’t stop talking about them.  Sosha discovers this the hard way while on a camping trip with Alisha.  Relaxing at their camp site, Sosha is simply trying to peacefully read her book.  Alisha, however, just won’t shut up about all the amazing bird facts that she is learning.  Fed up, Sosha distracts Alisha.  Then, while she is distracted, Sosha applies zuper glue to the zipper of Alisha’s jeans.

If this whole scenario is seeming a little bit familiar, that may be because it is a recreation of a similar video from the early days of HD Wetting with Sammy and Mikki.  In that video, it is Mikki who is obsessed with birds and has her zipper glued shut by Sammy.  This video plays out much the same way, only featuring Sosha and Alisha, and was shot with much better production equipment.

After some time passes, Alisha and Sosha decide to go on a hike.  Alisha has no idea that her zipper has been tampered with.  Hiking through the forest, Alisha continues to talk non-stop about birds, until she needs to pee.  She excuses herself and ducks into the bushes to do her business.  There, she discovers that something is wrong- Her zipper will not budge and her jeans are too tight to otherwise get her pants down.

Desperate to pee, Alisha frantically struggles with her zipper.  Crossing her legs, she tugs at her jeans, trying to get them down, but it is no use. Finally she calls Sosha over to try and help her.  Sosha comes over, and pretends like she is trying to help, but is really just entertained by Alisha’s predicament.

Ultimately, Alisha can’t hold it any longer.  Bursting to pee, and unable to get her jeans down, she helplessly pees in her pants as Sosha stares in shock and amusement.  Sosha continues to watch, as Alisha uncontrollably pees down her legs, soaking her denim pants.  Finally, after what feels like forever, Alisha stops peeing, but her pants are visibly soaked.

Horribly embarrassed, Alisha can’t believe she just had a wetting accident in her jeans.  Sosha, on the other hand, thinks the whole thing is hilarious.  She reveals to Alisha that she may have super glued her zipper because she wouldn’t stop talking about birds.  Instantly, Alisha switches from humiliated to infuriated.  Pissed off at Sosha, Alisha lunges at her, but Sosha is too quick.  Sosha takes off running while Alisha chases after.

Preview Images

Sosha and Alisha relax at their camp site, each reading a book
Sosha tells Alisha that there is a group of birds in a nearby tree to distract her
Sosha squeezes a tube of super glue onto the zipper of Alisha's jeans
Alisha looking for birds as she hikes through the forest with Sosha
Alisha trying to unfasten her pants, but her zipper is stuck
Alisha needs to pee really bad, but can't get her pants down, so she calls Sosha over to help.
Unable to get her pants down, Alisha pees in her jeans while Sosha watches.
Both Sosha and Alisha check out Alisha's wet pants after she peed in them.