Alisha holds up her wet underwear for the camera.

Alisha Intentionally Peeing Herself

Check out these photos of Alisha as she intentionally pees in her jeans and panties.

This gallery features more than 70 photos of Alisha as she pees herself.  She is wearing a black t-shirt, tight jeans, and purple panties.  To kick off the photo set, Alisha does some sexy poses for the camera before peeing.  As she grows more desperate, she holds herself and squeezes her legs together, but ultimately she wets her pants.  We get several photos of her peeing, starting with just a small wet spot between her legs and continuing until she is thoroughly soaked.

After she is done peeing, she proudly shows off her wet pants to our camera.  Eventually, she takes off her wet jeans, revealing her soaked purple panties underneath. She spends a bit of time showing off her wet underwear, before taking them off as well, giving us a look at her pussy.  To show off her wet underwear, she holds them up for the pictures.

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Wearing a black t-shirt and tight jeans, Alisha poses for the camera.
A wet patch is visible as she pees in her jeans.
Taking off her soaked jeans, she reveals her wet panties.
Alisha shows off her wet, peed in panties.