Alisha peeing through her panties on Ryann

Alisha Gives Ryann a Shower

Watch Alisha give Ryann Rain a golden shower, followed by an orgasm, in this sexy lesbian pissing video.

At the start of the video we find Alisha and Ryann together in bed, both only wearing panties.  Both horny, they passionately make-out and rub each other.  Then, Alisha whispers something in Ryann’s ear.  We can’t hear what she says, but Ryann looks excited and surprised, while Alisha has a naughty grin on her face.

Ryann then lays down on the bed as Alisha positions herself over her.  Then, still wearing her panties, Alisha pees.  She must of had a full bladder, because she unleashes a huge, gushing stream.  Her pee quickly soaks through her panties and spills all over Ryann below.

With a look of pure delight on her face, Ryann basks in warmth and wetness flowing from Alisha.  Once Alisha is done peeing, her panties are visibly soaked.  Ryann is happily laying in a puddle, completely drenched.  Laying down next to her friend, Alisha slides a hand down the front of Ryann’s underwear and begins to finger her.  As she does so, she teases Ryann’s nipples with her tongue.

Immediately Ryann is overwhelmed with perfect pleasure.  It can’t hold back from screaming out loud, and it isn’t long at all before she has an orgasm.  After Ryann cums, both girls take off their wet panties, then lay together, naked, on the wet bed.

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Alisha and Ryann making out
Ryann rubs Alisha through her panties
Ryann looks surprised, but excited at Alisha's request
Alisha getting into position
Alisha about to give Ryann a golden shower
Alisha peeing through her blue panties
Ryann, laying on the bed, getting showered by Alisha
Alisha wearing her pee soaked panties
Laying in a puddle, Alisha fingers Ryann inside of her panties
Resting comfortably on the bed naked