Alisha approaches climax as Olivia performs oral sex on her.

Alisha Gets a Reward

Alisha does such a good job resisting the urge to pee herself while being tickled that Olivia gives her a special, sexy, reward in this video.

As you may already know, if you are familiar with her videos, Alisha is extremely, incredibly, ticklish.  So ticklish, in fact, that only about a minute of tickling is usually more than enough to open up the floodgates and cause her to soak herself.  Feeling sympathy for Alisha, Olivia decides to help her out by training her not to pee herself every time she gets tickled.  Alisha goes along with this training but is apprehensive about its chances of success.

In this scene, we get to watch as Olivia attempts to help Alisha withstand tickling without peeing herself.  With an absorbent pad on the floor just in case, Olivia tickles Alisha mercilessly while Alisha simply tries not to pee herself.  Alisha does a good job holding things in, but in the end, this is still Alisha we are talking about.  Ultimately she ends up soaking her leggings, but she held on for a good solid couple of minutes first, a major improvement.

To reward Alisha for doing such a good job, Olivia decides to perform oral sex on her.  After helping Alisha out of her dripping wet leggings, we get to watch as Olivia goes down on Alisha on the kitchen floor.  Already in a heightened state of arousal from wetting herself, it doesn’t take Alisha too long to climax under Olivia’s expert touch.

Preview Images

Kneeling on the floor next to Alisha, Olivia talks to the camera.
Wide shot of Olivia tickling Alisha on the floor.
Olivia tickles Alisha's sides.
Close-up of Olivia's hands tickling Alisha's neck.
Close-up of Olivia's hands as they tickle Alisha's armpits.
Shot between Alisha's legs as she starts to pee in her leggings.
Close-up as Alisha continues to pee in her leggings, making a puddle.
Olivia helps Alisha out of her dripping wet leggings.
Olivia about to start performing oral sex on Alisha.
Close-up shot of Olivia eating Alisha out.