Alien Abduction

When Alisha and Nikko get abducted by space aliens Nikko becomes so frightened that she pees in her shots. Alisha, on the other hand, is simply disappointed she didn’t get to experience an even closer encounter.

This video starts with Alisha and Nikko, sitting outside, discussing the existence of Aliens. Alisha is sure that aliens must exist, and hopes to meet one some day. Nikko, however, doubts aliens are real. She thinks that Alisha is being ridiculous.

Their conversation is soon interrupted when they spot a UFO in the distance. The flying saucer approaches them, then teleports them on board. They materialize in a cage inside the Aliens spacecraft.

Alisha is ecstatic. She has waited her whole life for an encounter like this. She is ready to make first contact, having always believed when the aliens came they would choose her.

Nikko, isn’t so enthused. In fact, she is terrified. She is afraid that aliens might want to engage in horrible sexual experiments, or perhaps simply eat them. Having a full bladder, combined with being terrified and locked in a cage on an alien spacecraft is too much for Nikko to deal with. She ends up wetting her pants.

After wetting herself, the aliens teleport both girls back down to where they were just before the abduction. Alisha is annoyed. She believe the aliens rejected them because of Nikko’s poor bladder control. Nikko, traumatized by the experience, is just happy to be back on Earth.