Accident While Trespassing

Sosha pees her pants in this video after she almost gets caught trespassing.

An aspiring nature photographer, Sosha sets out in this video in an attempt to capture a photograph of the elusive Western Snipe.  Unfortunately, the only recent Snipe settings have all been on private property.  Never one to let something as simple as a gate stop her, Sosha ignores the no trespassing signs, venturing onto private land.  With her camera in hand, she is determined to be the first to photograph a Snipe in the wild.

It doesn’t take Sosha long before she happens upon the perfect Snipe habitat.  Suspecting the area to be frequented by the Snipe, she sets up her camera and waits silently.  As she waits, it seems as if she might need to pee- She is crossing her legs, and pressing her hands into her crotch.

Suddenly, the peaceful forest is interrupted by the sound of a police siren and shouting.  It seems as if Sosha has been spotted.  Terrified of getting in trouble, Sosha grabs her camera and runs away, police chasing after.  Rounding a corner in the road, Sosha dives into the underbrush while she is briefly out of sight of the pursuing officer.

Crouching in the shrubs, Sosha is able to watch the police officer search for her while remaining safely hidden.  Though it seems she might have evaded the police, she isn’t so lucky in evading her full bladder.  Already having been desperate, and then chased, and now forced to hide, is too much.  Unable to hold on, Sosha ends up wetting her pants as she tries to remain hidden.

Finally, the police officer gives up looking for her and leaves.  Emerging from her hiding place, Sosha inspects the damage caused by her wetting accident.  The back end of her pants is soaked, covered in an extremely visible dark wet stained.  Ashamed, Sosha quickly leaves, hoping to escape without getting caught or having anyone find out that she peed her pants.

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