Alisha's wet patch is visible from behind as she walks along the road.

Accident Next to Public Street

Watch as Alisha has a very large and embarrassing wetting accident while walking next to a public street in this video.

Wearing jeans and a pink shirt we find Alisha as she is walking along a street in the forest, going back to her campsite, and very desperate to pee.  The foliage along the road is far too dense to try to climb into in order to relieve herself, so she struggles to hold on until she can return to camp.  Her bladder, however, has other ideas.

As she desperately makes her way back to camp, she starts to dribble in her pants.  She suffers a few small leaks, creating a small, but visible, wet patch on her jeans.  Despite this, she does her best to hold back the flood.  As she continues forward, however, she continually suffers uncontrollable leaks and spurts.  To make things even more humiliating, a car speeds past her while her jeans are visibly wet.

Despite all the leaks, her desperation only grows, and it isn’t long before her bladder fully gives out.  Still in plain view, next to the street, Alisha ends up completely wetting her pants.  Embarrassed, all Alisha can do is try to return to her campsite as quickly as possible and hope no one else sees.

Preview Images

Alisha crosses her legs tightly as she walks along the street.
Desperate to pee, Alisha tighly clutches her crotch.
A small wet spot is visible from behind on Alisha's jeans as her bladder starts to leak.
A small wet patch is visible on Alisha's jeans as her bladder leaks.
With a visible wet patch on her jeans, Alisha bends over and tries to hold back the flood from making things worse.
Close up of the wet spot on Alisha's pants growing larger as she conotinues to suffer bladder leaks.
From the rear it is evident that Alisha is wetting her pants.
Unable to hold back the flood, Alisha is fully peeing her jeans.
After peeing in her pants Alisha tries to quickly walk back to her camp site.
Alisha tugs down at her shirt, unsuccessfully trying to hide that she peed in her pants.