Sosha pees in her jeans as she gets out of the car.

A Very Desperate Car Ride

Riding in the car, Sosha is extremely desperate to pee.  After having to hold it for a prolonged period of time, the car finally stops, but it is too late.

Fans of prolonged desperation are going to love this video!  We ride along with Sosha as she grows ever more desperate to pee.  As she struggles to hold on, she talks about how badly she needs to go, while at other times she sits in silence holding herself.  Finally, the car pulls into a parking lot and Sosha gets out, but it is too late.  Almost as soon as she starts to get out of the car she starts peeing, soaking her jeans.

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Riding in the car, Sosha's face reveals how desperate she is to pee..
Sosha struggles not to pee in her pants while riding in the car.
Trying not to pee, Sosha holds her crotch as she gets out of the car.
Sosha pees her pants as she gets out of the car.