Maxi Pad Pissing

Lots of you have been asking us for a video of one of the girls peeing in a maxi pad. We listened to you, and here it is! Sammy pees in her maxi pad then squeezes it out for you on camera.

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    • TVGuy says:

      I didn’t actually decide at a certain point to remove it from the free section. Instead what happened was this- To increase performance and download speeds on the site I moved to a new server. I took advantage of this move to change how some things worked behind the scenes in order to make things even faster and more reliable. Unfortunately the old way the free videos used to work were no longer compatible with the new system- All of the free videos went offline in the move. This meant I had to start over again with free videos. I figured that everyone had already seen the videos that were previously free, so instead of just doing all those ones again I decided to do all new free videos.

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