7 Eleven

Originally published back in 2012 we are revisiting this classic HD Wetting video. In this video we join Mikki for a very humiliating public wetting accident after a desperate car ride.

We are riding in the car with Mikki when she makes it clear that she needs to pee. Since she is desperate, and there are no containers of any sort in the car that she could use to relieve herself, we stop at the first store we come to. Figuring that most convenience stores typically have bathroom facilities, we stop at a 7 Eleven.

As soon as the car comes to a stop, Mikki rushes into the store. Upon returning from the store, however, we can see a giant wet patch on her clothes. The store did not have a bathroom and poor Mikki ended up wetting herself.

Even though she already had an accident, she still needs to pee. Since she is already wet, she lets the rest go in her shorts, re-wetting them as the camera goes in for a close up. After wetting herself for the second time in a matter of minutes she gets in the car and discusses the embarrassing accident she just had.