Hardcore lesbian watersports action with Paige and Sosha.  We are taking things to the next level in this video.

Paige and Sosha are orally pleasuring each other in the classic 69 position with Paige needs to pee.  She tries to hold it, but she needs to go really bad.  Finally she tells Sosha that she can’t hold it any longer and needs to go to the bathroom.  Sosha won’t let her stop though.  Paige does her best to keep holding on, but soon her pee explodes out of her and all over Sosha!

This video shows-

  • Paige and Sosha engaged in a hot lesbian 69 session.
  • Paige desperate to pee.
  • Paige, unable to hold it anymore, accidentally letting out a forceful stream of piss.
  • Sosha getting peed on, but enjoying it.
  • Both girls inspecting the wet bed afterwards.