Peed her pants in public

Wet in the City

Public wetting doesn’t get much more embarrassing than this!  Sosha completely wets her pants in the city in broad daylight with no way to hide it.

Walking along a busy city street, Sosha is clearly desperate to pee.  She is wearing a stripped shirt and light gray sweat pants.  As she walks along the public sidewalk, it is clear she is having ever greater difficulty holding it in.  Finally, the desperation is so bad, she needs to stop walking and just focus on not having an accident.

Unfortunately, she simply has to go too bad.  There is no where around that might offer a safe place to go.  She has no choice but to try to hold on, but it is no use.  She can’t hold back any longer and ends up wetting her pants in public.

It starts out as just a small dribble, but once the seal is broke she can’t hold back the flood.  Standing on a busy street, she completely pees herself.  The light gray cotton sweat pants grow dark with wetness as telltale trails spread down her legs.  Utterly humiliated, there is nothing she can do but stand there in her growing puddle as she pees her pants in public.

Finally, her bladder is empty.  With her pants visibly wet, and no way to hide it, the only thing she can do is try to find somewhere to hide.  She runs away, embarrassed, but at least she is relieved.

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Desperate to pee in public
Walking down the sidewalk while desperate to pee
She needs to pee really bad
So desperate to pee she can barely walk
She has to pee really bad
Starting to leak in her pants
Wetting her pants in public
Wetting her pants in public
Wet her pants in public
Walking home after peeing her pants in public