April 12, 2013 Recorded Webcast

This is the recording of the April 12, 2013 live webcast. This show featured both Sosha and Alisha who both end up having accidents.

The show starts immediately with Sosha in the studio desperate to pee. As the start of the show was delayed by a technical issue, by the time we started she was bursting! Only a few minutes into the show we had our first accident as Sosha soaked her pants in the studio.

Next we check in with Alisha who is hanging out, also very desperate to pee. Alisha is going to wait though so we go back to Sosha who is trying to decide what outfit to put on next.

With the help of the viewers Sosha picks out a pair of gray thong panties and tight white pants to wear. Soon she is desperate to pee again. She has fun teasing the viewers, even letting a little bit go into her pants now and then to keep things wet and exciting as her desperation builds.

In the mean time we keep checking in with Alisha who is also growing more and more desperate. Finally we jump to Alisha just in time to see her soak her jeans. We watch as Alisha takes off her wet pants on camera giving us a nice view of her bare pussy.

Finally we go back to Sosha just in time to see her loose control and completely flood her pants. After completely soaking herself Sosha gets naked and stays nude for the few minutes remaining in the show.

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    • TVGuy says:

      Hi Rustyman!

      We are taking some time off from doing live shows. When we were doing them before we just didn’t get that much interest. The last couple shows we did had absolutely no one sign in to watch them.

      I would really like to start doing live shows again, but before I can put out that kind of expense I really need to figure out how we can do a better job getting viewers.

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