Waking Up With Alisha

Alisha decides it is time for Sosha to get out of bed, so she wakes Sosha up in the sweetest way she knows how- With lots of kisses.

Once Sosha is awake, she needs to pee, but Alisha won’t let her go to the bathroom.  Alisha wants to keep making out with Sosha.  Sosha enjoy’s the attention she is getting, but at the same time her bladder is not easy to ignore.  Alisha won’t take no for an answer though, so despite Sosha trying to get away to go pee, Alisha isn’t letting it happen.

Finally it happens- Sosha has an accident.  Alisha watches as Sosha pees through her panties and soaks the bed.  Sosha is humiliated, but Alisha doesn’t mind.  Alisha even tells Sosha that it is kind of cute.  To comfort Sosha, Alisha starts kissing her even more passionately.

This video shows-

  • Alisha waking Sosha up in the morning with passionate kisses.
  • Alisha and Sosha making out together in their panties.
  • Sosha needed to pee and getting really desperate.
  • Sosha peeing through her panties and soaking the bed.
  • Alisha making out with Sosha in the wet bed after Sosha has peed.