Very Desperate in Public

Sosha is incredibly desperate to pee in public. So desperate she is forced into a very risky wetting where there is a very real danger of getting caught.

We have done several public wetting videos now. Sometimes we think that we are going to do a public wetting that is incredibly daring and end up not having anyone at all nearby with no danger of getting caught. Other times we think we are going to do a relatively save public wetting video, where there should be no one around and almost no chance of getting caught and the opposite happens. This video is a perfect example of the latter.

The plan was to do a scenic public wetting on an obscure river trail at a public park. We were off of the main trail, it had been raining, and it was cold out. We figured that almost no one would be out on the trails this day and those who were would stick to the main paved path, not be off walking through the mud on the side trails. We just wanted to show Sosha wetting her jeans in a beautiful environment.

Things were complicated though because Sosha needed to pee. Actually, saying she needed to pee is an understatement. She was absolutely bursting. Maintaining bladder control was a significant challenge for her at this point. This meant we were in a race against time. We weren’t able to get as far off the main trail as we would have liked, and waiting until we were sure no one was nearby wasn’t going to happen.

Finally Sosha announced that she couldn’t hold it and no longer cared if anyone saw. She let go standing in the middle of the trail completely soaking her jeans. It is obvious how bad she had to pee by how forceful it came out. You can clearly hear the hissing and the stream colliding with the denim jeans in this video.

Unfortunately we now had to get out of the park, and this was a challenge. We attempted to retrace our steps to the car, but other people were coming down the path towards us and Sosha’s pants were now soaked. There was an alternate way back to the parking lot, but we heard the sounds of people in that direction too. We had no clear escape route and no way for Sosha to hide her completely soaked jeans.

I am a coward. I didn’t want to get caught following a girl in wet pants around with a camera. So I handed the camera to Sosha, leaving it recording, and told her I was going to go get the car and pull it up to the end of the trail. That way she wouldn’t have to worry about crossing the parking lot. With that I was off to the car, separating myself from the girl with wet pants, and Sosha was on her own with the camera to document her journey to the end of the trail.

This video shows-

  • Sosha incredibly desperate to pee in a public park.
  • Sosha pissing forcefully into her jeans making a loud hissing sound.
  • Sosha trying to get back to the car without getting caught after having wet her pants.
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  1. Aklove says:

    great wetting! At the same time, it seemed as if this turned into a nature video afterwards, it would've great to see more of her wet jeans instead the beautiful sightings where the wetting took place. :-/

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