Traffic Stop Accident

Alisha suffers an incredibly humiliating traffic stop when she gets pulled over, then wets her pants, in this video.

We first join Alisha in the car as she drives along a country highway. She is desperate to pee, but the road she is on doesn’t offer any place to pull over. Frantically searching for relief, she drives faster and faster, hoping to find some place where she can stop.

Unfortunately, she is driving a little too fast. A police offer spots her speeding and pulls her over. Bouncing up and down, on the verge of wetting herself, Alisha really does not have time to be dealing with this right now. She just wants to pee.

As the police officer, Sosha, approaches the car, she can tell Alisha is acting funny. Alisha tries to explain that she simply is desperate to pee, but the officer is suspicious and not buying this story. She makes Alisha get out of the car and handcuffs her as she conducts a search.

Alisha can’t hold on a moment longer. As the officer pats her down, Alisha, much to the officer’s shock and surprise, pees her pants. The officer can’t believe this just happened, and is at a loss for words. Ultimately, Alisha is let off with a verbal warning, and soaked jeans.