Torturing Sosha’s Bladder

Sosha finds herself in a rather dire situation in this video. Her hands are cuffed and chained to the ceiling. She is topless, wearing jeans, and desperate to pee.

As we join Sosha at the start of this video, she is already extremely desperate. Nikko enters the scene, intent on tormenting Sosha until she pees. By using a feather duster to tickle Sosha, pressing on her bladder, and rubbing her pussy, Nikko is eventually able to accomplish her goal- Making Sosha pee in her jeans.

We get to watch as Nikko rubs Sosha through her pants while she pees. The glistening wet patch spreading out across the front of her pants and down her legs, making a puddle on the floor. All the while Nikko is rubbing her fingers into Sosha’s wetness.

Once Sosha finishes peeing, Nikko takes off her pants and panties. Nikko goes down on Sosha, eating her out, bring Sosha to a screaming orgasm. Pleased with what she has done, Nikko walks off, leaving Sosha naked and still tied up.