Tied Together

Wearing only their panties, Sosha and Alisha are tied together and both need to pee.

This video starts with Alisha and Sosha tightly tied together, hardly unable to move, and without pants. To complicate the situation, both girls need to pee. They come up with a plan- They are going to try to stand up and make their way to a bathroom. Once standing though Sosha is overcome with desperation. Unable to hold it any longer she has an embarrassing accident in her panties.

Both girls are still tied together, now standing in a pool of Sosha’s pee. With her bare feet in warm liquid it is now Alisah’s bladder that is causing alarm. Overcome with the urge to release the pressure, Alisha gives in and pees her panties. With both girls now wet they carefully inch their way towards escape.

This video shows-

  • Sosha and Alisha tied together in their panties.
  • Both girls trying to escape and struggling to stand up.
  • Sosha desperate to pee and having an accident in her panties.
  • Alisha being overcome with the urge to pee and wetting herself.
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