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Vid 613

Alisha and Nikko Bath Time

Join Alisha and Nikko in the bath in this dripping wet video. In this video we get to watch Alisha and Nikko take a bath together. Thanks to the use of a waterproof action camera we get to see what happens above and below the water. While in the bath with Nikko, Alisha needs to pee. Instead of leaving the …

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Hdw Gallery078

Photos- Wet Jeans Selfies

These photos come to us directly from Alisha as she pees in her jeans and photographically documents the damage. For this image set Alisha takes the camera into the bathroom and photographs herself in the mirror. As she takes pictures of herself she proceeds to pee in her jeans, which become visibly wet. She takes several photos of her in …

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Vid 612

Accident by the River

Both Nikko and Alisha end up peeing in their pants in this video. Walking along the river Nikko is desperate to go pee. She tries to go look for a place to pee, but Alisha encourages her to keep walking. Alisha is of the opinion that if they just hurry up and walk back that Nikko will make it to …

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Hdw Gallery077

Photos- Dribbles on the Bed

For these photos we join Alisha in the bedroom. Wearing only her panties she poses on the bed for the camera, looking very sexy. After doing some poses for the camera Alisha pees through her panties onto the bed. Her pee is clearly visible in the pictures as dribbles cascade through her panties wetting the bed sheets. Afterwards she takes …

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Vid 610

Shoe Full of Pee

Watch Alisha pee through her shorts, down her leg, and into her shoe in this video. We join Alisha outside as she is wearing denim shorts and a teal shirt. As we watch Alisha stands, legs apart, and pees in her shorts. A stream of urine runs down her leg and into her shoe. After she is done peeing she …

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Vid 609

Slow Motion in Panties

This is a really exciting slow motion wetting video. In this video Alisha squats and pees through her panties in exquisitely smooth slow motion. To accomplish this we overcranked the camera, recording at a higher frame rate then normal. Playing the video back at a standard frame rate results in some very nice, smooth, slow motion. The result is you …

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Hdw Gallery076

Photos- Back Yard Jeans Wetting

Alisha looks amazing in her pissy wet jeans in this photo set. We head outside with Alisha for these pictures. She has obviously peed in her jeans, but she isn’t embarrassed. She is happy to have peed in her pants and excited to show off her wet pants for the camera. We get to check out various angles of her …

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Vid 608

Desperate Lock Out

Alisha is locked outside and extremely desperate to pee in this video. We get to watch Alisha through the patio door as she struggles not to pee in her gray leggings. She is extremely desperate, but the door is locked and she can’t get in. As she starts to dribble in her clothes the wet stain is extremely obvious on …

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Vid 606

Bound in Panties

Trapped and unable to escape, Alisha pees in her panties when she can’t hold it any longer. In this video we get to watch Alisha as she is trapped wearing only her panties. She is desperate to pee and can’t escape. As we watch she grows more and more desperate before having an accident.

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Vid 605

Alisha Pees in Her Panties

Alisha stands proudly in front of the camera and pees through her panties in this video. Watch Alisha in this video as she stands outdoors wearing only a shirt and panties. The camera zooms in for a close up as she pees in her underwear. Trickles of pee run down her leg as the liquid soaks through the fabric and …

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