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Vid 537

After Jog

Carly and Alisha return from a morning jog, desperate to pee, only to find they are locked out and have no key. Before they left on their jog, Carly accidentally forgot the key inside. They locked the door before they went out. Now that they have returned from their job, they have no way inside and need to use the …

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Photos- Wet White Panties

Get up close and personal with Alisha’s soaking wet panties in this photo set. In this gallery Alisha photographs herself as she pees in her white panties. After she has peed, her panties are left completely soaked. She takes several different pictures for us, including some amazing close ups, of her dripping wet underwear. The images shown here are just …

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Vid 535

You Go First

Carly has an embarrassing wetting accident when she allows Sosha and Alisha to use the bathroom ahead of her. In this video all three girls arrive home and desperately have to pee. They all rush to the bathrooms. Unfortunately there are three girls, but only two toilets. Carly claims she has a “bladder of steel” and allows Alisha and Sosha …

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Vid 532

Carly and Sosha Bound

Alisha ties Sosha and Carly together on the floor and leaves them alone as they grow progressively more and more desperate to pee. As the video opens we can see Carly and Sosha tied together in the middle of the floor. They both need to pee badly. Alisha enters the room and taunts them. In an attempt to make Carly …

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Vid 525

Dance, Dance, Pee Your Pants!

It is a pee-pee-party and you’re invited! Join Alisha, Sosha and Carly in this video as they dance and pee their pants! Set to some awesome dance music, Carly, Alisha, and Sosha show off their moves in this sexy, wet video. As the girls dance, they all pee their pants! We get to watch it all in high definition. Alisha …

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Vid 524

Alisha’s Desperation

Guess who needs to pee insanely bad in this video? It’s Alisha! Fans of desperation are going to love this video. Unedited and uncut, we get to watch Alisha as she grows more and more desperate without any interruption. Since this is HD Wetting, she never goes to the bathroom. Instead she holds it until the breaking point. Eventually she …

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Vid 522

Blocking Alisha

This Point-of-View video puts you right in the middle of the action. Here is the scenario- Alisha is desperate to pee. You, however, are not a nice person and get right in her way. Standing in front of her, you block her access to the bathroom and refuse to move. Alisha grows more and more desperate, begging you to get …

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Vid 521

Drunk Girls

Upon wrapping up a recent video shoot Alisha, Sosha and Carly decided to celebrate by getting drunk. While intoxicated Sosha picked up a video camera and began to record. After she hit record, all three girls ended up peeing in their pants. Carly ended up rolling around on the floor through everyone’s puddles and declared herself the ‘Pee Fairy’. This …

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Vid 519

Alisha’s Soggy Shoes

We keep getting requests to have our girls pee their pants to the point where even their shoes fill up with pee. We love getting requests and are happy to do what we can. In this video Alisha takes on the challenge. She waited until she really had to go, then we shot this video. Alisha completely soaks her jeans …

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Vid 518

Three Girls in the Shower

This video features Alisha, Sosha and Carly together in the shower with a water proof camera. We start with all three girls fully dressed and the shower turned off. Immediately Alisha says she needs to pee. Without a second thought Alisha proceeds to pee through her shorts. Sosha has to pee too, and is happy to wet her jeans for …

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