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Vid 583

Desperate Bathroom Fun

Alisha and Sosha are in the bathroom and Sosha desperately needs to pee. She is still able to hold it though, so the girls pass the time by going down on each other. Eventually Sosha can’t hold it anymore and pees in her jeans. In this video we get to watch Sosha get very desperate to pee. With nothing else …

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Vid 582

Sharing a Diaper

For this video we thought it would be fun to show you something we haven’t done for a while- A diaper wetting video on HD Wetting. We have a dedicated diaper website, HD Diapers, where you can find all sorts of great diaper wetting videos. However, we still wanted to share this diaper wetting video here. In this video both …

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Vid 580

Sensual Pee Dance

This is another lengthy desperation video followed by both Alisha and Sosha peeing in their clothes. In this video Sosha is wearing just her pink panties while Alisha is wearing blue sweat pants. Both girls are desperate to pee. To make things a bit more interesting while they are holding, we set up some different challenges for the girls. They …

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Vid 578

Purple Panties and Pajamas

Alisha and Sosha are both desperate to pee at the beginning of this video. Alisha is wearing purple panties and Sosha is wearing pajamas. We get to watch as both girls dance around with full bladders, extremely desperate to pee. Alisha is the first to have an accident- Peeing through her panties while standing up. The stream originating from the …

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Vid 576

Desperate in Leggings

Ripped straight from HD Wetting Live, this video features Sosha and Alisha, both desperate to pee. Sosha is wearing shorts and Alisha is wearing gray leggings. We get to watch as they both dance around and hold themselves, extremely desperate to pee. Eventually Alisha can’t hold it anymore. She pees in her gray leggings, soaking them. The wet stain is …

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Vid 573

Stuck Outside

Alisha is stuck outside, desperate to pee, and has an accident in this video. We join Alisha outside. She is wearing white shorts and has to pee. For a while she does a cute pee dance, trying not to pee in her clothes, but it is futile. Soon trickles of pee are running down her legs as she soaks her …

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Vid 572

Shower in the Shower

Alisha gets a golden shower in the shower in this video. The video starts out with Sosha and Alisha naked, about to take a shower together. Sosha is desperate to pee, but Alisha wants to get the shower going first. Sosha can’t hold it any longer though and wants to pee on Alisha. Alisha gets down on her hands and …

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Vid 571

Panties Down

Sosha is insanely desperate to pee, but holding on. Alisha decides to pee in front of Sosha in the hopes that it will encourage Sosha to have an accident. We start this video with a very, very desperate Sosha. She is dancing around in her panties and holding herself. It is clear that she needs to pee extremely bad, but …

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Vid 570

Alisha in the Sink

It has been a while since we have done a nude pissing video, so here you go. In this video Alisha films herself in the bathroom. She sets the camera down on the counter, takes her pants off, and squats over the sink. You can see everything as she pees into the bathroom sink. Once she has finished peeing she …

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Vid 569

Simultaneous Wetting

Alisha and Sosha both wet themselves at the same time in this video. Sosha is wearing shorts while Alisha is wearing panties. They have both been holding for a while and are both desperate. When they do pee, they do so at almost the exact same time. Alisha pees in her panties as Sosha soaks her shorts. Afterwards we get …

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