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Vid 731

Making Alisha Wet

This super hot lesbian pee fetish video features the amazing Alisha and Sosha together in bed. These girls are great together! They have genuine chemistry that really shows in their videos. In this video we find both girls in bed, making out, in just their undies. Quickly, things progress from simply making out to touching, rubbing, petting, and more. It …

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Vid 721

Trump’s Campaign Call’s Alisha

A political phone call results in Alisha peeing in her pants in this video. Alisha is watching TV, but she needs to pee. She is just about to get up and go when, suddenly, the phone rings. Automatically, she answers it. It is a polling company calling in regards to Trump’s U.S. presidential campaign. Despite being desperate to pee, Alisha …

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Vid 718 1

Panty Wetting and Masturbation

Watch Alisha pee in her panties as she masturbates in this video. We get to join Alisha for a very intimate experience. While laying in bed, Alisha masturbates in her panties and we get to watch. Never before have we been so grateful for close ups! While pleasuring herself, Alisha needs to pee. Completely involved in the moment, she isn’t …

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Vid 719

How to Pee Outside

Oops! This instructional video sure didn’t go quite as Alisha planned. Oh well, at least we get some awesome footage of her pissing all over her panties! In this video Alisha decides to instruct women on the proper way to relieve their bladders when they are outside and can’t get to a toilet. As she provides verbal instruction, she attempts …

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Vid 718

Camera Gets Peed On

Well, at least the camera is waterproof! In this video Alisha intentionally pees onto a video camera as it records. The resulting video gives us a intimate, and unique look at Alisha peeing. From below we get to see her remove her panties, revealing her cleanly shaved pussy. Then, as we check her out, she pees directly onto the camera. …

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Vid 717

Just For Fun

Alone in the forest, Alisha intentionally pees in her leggins just for fun in this video. For this video we join Alisha in the forest. She is wearing light gray leggings and a black shirt. Talking directly to the camera, she describes how she loves to pee in her clothes. To demonstrate, she intentionally pees in her gray leggins as …

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Vid 716

Alisha’s Private Chat

In this video we get to spy on a private cam chat with Alisha. We don’t know who Alisha is talking to, but the topic of sexual fetishes comes up. Specifically, Alisha is asked about having a pee fetish, then challenged to wet herself. Wearing blue leggings, Alisha rises to the challenge before her. Standing in front of the cam …

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Vid 544

Alisha’s Public Accident

Alisha accidentally pees her pants in public after discovering that the bathroom she was counting on is closed. This video was shot by Sosha. She is recording Alisha because Alisha is extremely desperate to pee. Alisha is struggling to maintain bladder control as she walks from the car to the bathroom. Upon arriving at the bathroom they discover it is …

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Vid 684

Arrested Peeing on the Floor

Alisha gets arrested for peeing on the floor in this video. Desperate to pee, Alisha resorts to trespassing to find a private place to relieve herself. Overcome with desperation, it is all she can manage to get her shorts down. Panties still on, she squats and pees, soaking her underwear and making a puddle on the floor. Unfortunately, police officer …

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Hdw Gallery094

Photos- Alisha and Nikko Selfies

Nikko and Alisha pose for the camera and pee in their clothes in these wet selfies. This gallery features selfies from both Nikko and Alisha. In these pictures the girls photograph themselves in the bathroom mirror as they pee in their clothes. Nikko is wearing only blue panties and Alisha is wearing gray sweat pants. The images shown here are …

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