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Vid 639

Nikko is Busy

Alisha is extremely desperate to pee, but Nikko is busy, in the bathroom, with the door locked. The video opens with Nikko, naked in the bathroom, masturbating with a sex toy. Desperate to pee Alisha runs to the bathroom only to find the door locked. She knocks frantically on the door, but Nikko simply tells Alisha that she is busy …

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Vid 638

Kissing and Pissing

Nikko pisses in her panties while kissing Alisha in this video. Alisha and Nikko are both wearing only their panties. Nikko is wearing bright green cotton boyshorts and Alisha is wearing lacey white underwear. With nothing else on they are making out in the entry way. Nikko pauses to say that she needs to pee. Alisha encourages Nikko to just …

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Vid 637

Tied Up and Desperate

Alisha is tied to the bed, wearing only her panties, and desperate to pee in this video. Nikko, also wearing only her panties, is relishing in Alisha’s discomfort and frantic desperation. We get to watch as Nikko does everything possible to make Alisha pee in her panties. Despite struggling to not wet herself, Alisha soon has an accident in her …

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Vid 636

Hotel Bed Wetting

In this video Alisha does something she has always wanted to do- Pee on a hotel bed. After a long day of traveling Nikko and Alisha finally arrive at their hotel. Exhausted, they both immediately head for the bed. Nikko kicks back and relaxes, but Alisha has other ideas. Alisha, on her knees, proceeds to pee in her jeans on …

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Vid 635

Peeing on the Chair

Alisha pees in her panties once, but you get to see it from two amazing angles in this video. As far as the action is concerned, the video is pretty simple. Alisha, sitting on a chair, scoots to the edge and pees through her blue cotton panties. What makes this video unique is that you get to see the wetting …

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Vid 634

Toilet in Use

Unable to wait for Alisha to finish using the toilet Nikko has an accident in her panties. In this video we see Alisha using the toilet when Nikko suddenly bursts into the bathroom, desperate to pee. Alisha isn’t yet done so Nikko must wait. Unfortunately Nikko is extremely desperate. She can’t hold it a moment longer. Standing in front of …

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Vid 633

Alisha Wets Her Favorite Pants

Alisha pees in her favorite pants just for you in this video. We start with Alisha standing in a hotel room wearing her favorite pants. Talking directly to the camera she explains how she is about to pee in her clothes. Then, as we watch, she proceeds to wet her pants. The wet patch quickly spreads out across the front …

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Hdw Gallery084

Photos- Jeans Wetting Selfies

These jeans wetting selfies come straight from Alisha. In these photos Alisha shows off for the camera, smiling into the lens and flashing her boobs. We get several close ups as she pees in her tight jeans. At the end of the photo set she takes off her wet pants and tosses them on the floor. The images shown here …

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Vid 632

Oral Sex Accident

While going down on Alisha Nikko has an embarrassing accident in her panties. The video starts with Alisha and Nikko entering a hotel room. They sit on the bed and start making out. Soon they are undressing each other and Nikko begins to perform oral sexy on Alisha. Though enjoying the experience, Alisha is taking her time before having an …

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Vid 631

Ground View

In this video we get a unite perspective on Alisha wetting her jeans. From a ground view camera we get to watch Alisha walk into the frame. It seems as if she might need to pee. Soon this is confirmed as she squats over the camera, wearing her jeans still, and wets her pants. From the perspective of the ground …

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