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Vid 569

Simultaneous Wetting

Alisha and Sosha both wet themselves at the same time in this video. Sosha is wearing shorts while Alisha is wearing panties. They have both been holding for a while and are both desperate. When they do pee, they do so at almost the exact same time. Alisha pees in her panties as Sosha soaks her shorts. Afterwards we get …

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Vid 568

Double Shower

Sosha gives Alisha not just one, but two golden showers in this video. We start out this video with Sosha tying Alisha up in the kitchen. The idea was that Sosha would leave Alisha tied up until Alisha couldn’t hold it any longer and had an accident. Once tied up though, it quickly became evident that Alisha doesn’t need to …

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Vid 567

Rewetting Her Shorts

Watch as Alisha re-wets the same shorts that she had previously peed in. In this video you get to watch as Alisha as she pees in the very same shorts she peed in during a previous video. The shorts have dried out, but they haven’t been washed and are still damp to the touch. She puts on the damp shorts, …

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Vid 566

Desperate in the Bathroom

Sosha is incredibly desperate to pee. Eventually she has an embarrassing wetting accident in front of Alisha in this video. We join Alisha and Sosha in the bathroom. Sosha is already desperate to pee, but the viewers who are watching the live stream are encouraging her to keep holding it. She does her best to not wet her pants, holding …

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Vid 565

Sosha Gets a Shower

Hop into bed with Alisha and Sosha for this sexy wet video. The video starts with the girls making out. Before long they are undressing each other. Wearing only shorts, Alisha stands over Sosha, legs spread, and pees on her. Both Alisha and Sosha are still wearing their shorts when this happens- Alisha pees through her shorts soaking Sosha’s. The …

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Vid 564

Long Time Holding

Sosha gets challenged to hold her pee for an extended period of time. Already desperate to pee, Sosha was looking forward to being able to soon relieve herself. She then got a challenge though- To hold on for an extra 30 minutes. She accepted the challenge. This video captures the last six minutes of that challenge. You got to watch …

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Vid 563

Alisha in Leggings

Alisha gets a request to pee in her leggings and is happy to oblige. We get to watch as she gets dressed, putting her leggings on, and then pees in them. Her gray leggings make the wet pee stain obvious as she wets them. Once she is done peeing she makes sure to turn around, giving us a nice look …

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Vid 562

Alisha Wets Her Shorts

It is the first ever high definition live webcast from HD Wetting. The show is just getting started and already Alisha needs to pee. Wanting to get the show off to a good start, she stands up and pees in her shorts for the camera. Sosha watches as Alisha floods her shorts. Rivers of pee erupt from the crotch of …

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Vid 561

Morning Bed Wetting

Alisha and Sosha are back in bed for this video. It is early morning, but both girls are awake. Alisha needs to pee and starts to get out of bed. Sosha protests, however, so Alisha agrees to say in bed and pee in her pajamas. Sosha also needs to pee. Since the bed is already wet, she proceeds to pee …

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Vid 557

Kissing in the Kitchen

Sosha and Alisha are making out in the kitchen when Sosha unexpectedly pees in her jeans in this video. You get to watch as Sosha and Alisha make out together in the kitchen. As they make out Sosha suddenly wets her pants. This turns Alisha on. Horn, Alisha removes Sosha’s wet jeans and goes down on her. Sosha is in …

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