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Vid 661

Handcuffed to the Bed

Handcuffed to the bed, Alisha pees in her panties when she can’t hold it any longer in this video. This video features Alisha and Nikko, both wearing only their panties. Alisha is handcuffed to the bed frame, desperate to pee, and unable to escape. Nikko tickles Alisha and teases her until she pees in her panties. With her panties soaked, …

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Vid 658

Peeing Problem

Alisha ends up peeing in her pants when she visits the doctor for an embarrassing problem. This video shows Alisha visiting the clinic for an embarrassing problem- Despite drinking lots of fluid, she has been unable to urinate for days. Sexy nurse Nikko has the perfect remedy though, a pill should induce an uncontrollable urge to urinate. Alisha takes the …

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Vid 656

Tied Up and Fingered

Wearing Khaki pants, Alisha is tied up and desperate to pee. As Nikko watches, Alisha has a humiliating wetting accident. In this video we join Nikko and Alisha in the dungeon. Alisha is tied up wearing a t-shirt and Khaki pants. Nikko is wearing only blue lace panties. Desperate to pee, Alisha eventually wets her pants as Nikko watches. After …

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Vid 655

Naughty Lesbian Pissing

Join Nikko and Alisha in bed for some very wet lesbian fun in this video. The video starts with Alisha and Nikko, wearing only skimpy panties, making out on the bed. After a bit of making out, Alisha confides in Nikko that she needs to pee. This turns Nikko on, who pleads with Alisha to pee on her. Alisha is …

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Vid 654

Caged Alisha

Alisha is locked in a cage, wearing only her bra and panties, desperate to pee. Nikko has the key, but isn’t about to let her out until she pisses in her underwear. In this video we join Alisha as she is locked in a cage. She is extremely desperate to pee. Nikko has they key to the cage, but is …

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Vid 653

Spanked Until She Pees

Nikko is tied up and spanked until she pisses in her panties in this video. We join Nikko as she is thoroughly bound, wearing only lacy pink panties, unable to move. Alisha is spanking her. At first the spankings are not that severe, but as the video continues Alisha begins to apply more and more force. Unknown to Alisha, Nikko …

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Vid 652

Nurse Can’t Hold It

A nurse has a humiliating wetting accident when she is too busy to take a toilet break in this video. It has been an incredibly busy day at the clinic. Nurse Nikko has been running from patient to patient all day long, not even having time for a bathroom break. By the time she visits Alisha she is desperate to …

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Vid 651

Handcuffed Cheerleader

Alisha handcuffs Nikko to the bed when she needs to pee. Unable to free herself she has an accident in her cheer uniform. We start the video with Nikko and Alisha in bed, making out, while wearing their cheer uniforms. When Nikko admits to Alisha that she needs to pee, Alisha grabs a pair of handcuffs and cuffs Nikko to …

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Vid 650

Alisha Makes Nikko Pee

There is a lot that happens in this video, but ultimately we end up getting to watch both Nikko and Alisha pee in their panties. We start with Nikko tied up, wearing only white panties with tiny flowers printed on them. She needs to pee, but is so thoroughly bound that she is only able to move her head. Alisha, …

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Vid 649

Caged and Desperate

When she is locked in a cage, desperate to pee, Nikko has no choice but to wet her pants as Alisha watches. In this video we join Alisha and Nikko as Alisha has Nikko locked in a cage, desperate to pee. Nikko is wearing jeans and a t-shirt while Alisha is looking sexy in some very revealing black lingerie. Locked …

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