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Vid 647

Nikko Tied to a Chair

Nikko is tied to a chair and forced to pee in her leggings in this video. Alisha has Nikko tied to a hotel room chair, topless, wearing only gray leggings. Nikko is very desperate to pee, but is struggling not to have an accident. Alisha has a different plan though. She is trying to force Nikko to wet herself. Alisha …

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Vid 646

Blocking the Bathroom

It’s a battle for the bathroom that results in Nikko peeing in her panties in this video. Alisha and Nikko are relaxing in their panties when Nikko gets up to use the bathroom. Alisha decides it will be fun to make Nikko wait, so she gets up and blocks Nikko from going to the bathroom. Standing in front of the …

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Vid 645

Almost Made It

Alisha doesn’t quite get to the toilet on time, dribbling a bit in her pants, in this video. In this video Alisha runs into the bathroom. She is so desperate to pee she is already leaking into her pants. As soon as she gets to the toilet she sits down and finishes peeing, but her pants are already quite wet. …

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Vid 644

Alisha Peeing in Her Panties

Alisha intentionally pees in her gray cotton panties in this video. Standing in front of the camera wearing a black tank top and gray cotton panties Alisha intentionally wets herself. We get to watch as the camera goes in for an extreme close up as she pees in her panties. The light gray fabric grows dark with wetness as she …

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Vid 643

On the Floor

While going down on Nikko on the floor Alisha pees in her panties in this video. We start with Alisha and Nikko undressing each other on the floor. Soon they are making out, then Alisha goes down on Nikko. Nikko is naked while Alisha is wearing only her panties. Alisha is desperate to pee. While she is orally pleasuring Nikko …

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Vid 641

Tied Up

Tied to a chair in a hotel room, Alisha is forced to wet her pants by Nikko. This video starts with Alisha tied up in a hotel room chair. She is desperate to pee and Nikko is enjoying Alisha’s desperation. While Alisha is desperate to pee Nikko teases her and massages her bladder. After Alisha wets her pants Nikko slides …

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Hdw Gallery086

Photos- Wetting Her Tight Pants

Alisha, being very naughty, wets her pants in a hotel room in this photo set. The photo set starts with Alisha simply posing for the camera. After a few poses she starts to look a bit desperate to pee, crossing her legs and holding herself. We then are treated to several pictures of her as she wets her pants, the …

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Vid 639

Nikko is Busy

Alisha is extremely desperate to pee, but Nikko is busy, in the bathroom, with the door locked. The video opens with Nikko, naked in the bathroom, masturbating with a sex toy. Desperate to pee Alisha runs to the bathroom only to find the door locked. She knocks frantically on the door, but Nikko simply tells Alisha that she is busy …

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Vid 638

Kissing and Pissing

Nikko pisses in her panties while kissing Alisha in this video. Alisha and Nikko are both wearing only their panties. Nikko is wearing bright green cotton boyshorts and Alisha is wearing lacey white underwear. With nothing else on they are making out in the entry way. Nikko pauses to say that she needs to pee. Alisha encourages Nikko to just …

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Vid 637

Tied Up and Desperate

Alisha is tied to the bed, wearing only her panties, and desperate to pee in this video. Nikko, also wearing only her panties, is relishing in Alisha’s discomfort and frantic desperation. We get to watch as Nikko does everything possible to make Alisha pee in her panties. Despite struggling to not wet herself, Alisha soon has an accident in her …

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