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Photos- Back Yard Jeans Wetting

Alisha looks amazing in her pissy wet jeans in this photo set. We head outside with Alisha for these pictures. She has obviously peed in her jeans, but she isn’t embarrassed. She is happy to have peed in her pants and excited to show off her wet pants for the camera. We get to check out various angles of her …

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Vid 608

Desperate Lock Out

Alisha is locked outside and extremely desperate to pee in this video. We get to watch Alisha through the patio door as she struggles not to pee in her gray leggings. She is extremely desperate, but the door is locked and she can’t get in. As she starts to dribble in her clothes the wet stain is extremely obvious on …

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Vid 606

Bound in Panties

Trapped and unable to escape, Alisha pees in her panties when she can’t hold it any longer. In this video we get to watch Alisha as she is trapped wearing only her panties. She is desperate to pee and can’t escape. As we watch she grows more and more desperate before having an accident.

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Vid 605

Alisha Pees in Her Panties

Alisha stands proudly in front of the camera and pees through her panties in this video. Watch Alisha in this video as she stands outdoors wearing only a shirt and panties. The camera zooms in for a close up as she pees in her underwear. Trickles of pee run down her leg as the liquid soaks through the fabric and …

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Photos- Wetting and Stripping

Alisha pees in her jeans for you in this sexy photo set. She then takes it all off, getting completely naked for the camera. We start with Alisha wearing jeans and a black bra as she poses for the camera. She takes the bra off, revealing her perky breasts, before peeing in her pants. After her jeans are completely soaked …

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Vid 603

Bound in Purple Panties

Trapped and bound to the bed with zip ties, Alisha is desperate to pee! She has no way to escape though, so she eventually has an accident in her panties. Watch Alisha in this video as she grows more and more desperate to pee before having an accident in her panties. She is secured to the bed with zip ties, …

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Vid 602

Cheerleader Pee on Lawn

Alisha decides to have some wet fun in the back yard before her parents get home in this video. Arriving home before her parents, Alisha has the house to herself. Having come straight from cheer practice she is still wearing her cheerleader uniform. She goes out into the back yard, lifts her skirt, and pees through her green thong panties …

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Vid 6011

Holding in Shorts

After holding as long as she can Alisha floods her shorts when she can’t hold on any longer. Watch Alisha in this video as she dances around, extremely desperate to pee. She struggles to hold it, crossing her legs and pressing her hands firmly into her crotch. At one point she leaks a little, but isn’t willing to give up …

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Vid 599

Desperate Wetting in Jeans

This video is for anyone who enjoys watching desperation followed by an accident. We get to watch Alisha, outside, desperate to pee. She is bouncing around, crossing her legs, and holding herself. Despite this, she begins to leak into her jeans. Even though she has started to leak she is still frantically trying to hold it. After a while she …

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Vid 598

White Pants

Desperate to pee, Alisha is lucky to find a secluded spot behind a tall fence outside. She is eager for relief, but her zipper is stuck. We get to watch as she frantically struggles with her zipper, trying not to pee in her white pants. She can’t hold it any longer though. She squats down, still wearing her pants, and …

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