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Vid 6011

Holding in Shorts

After holding as long as she can Alisha floods her shorts when she can’t hold on any longer. Watch Alisha in this video as she dances around, extremely desperate to pee. She struggles to hold it, crossing her legs and pressing her hands firmly into her crotch. At one point she leaks a little, but isn’t willing to give up …

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Vid 599

Desperate Wetting in Jeans

This video is for anyone who enjoys watching desperation followed by an accident. We get to watch Alisha, outside, desperate to pee. She is bouncing around, crossing her legs, and holding herself. Despite this, she begins to leak into her jeans. Even though she has started to leak she is still frantically trying to hold it. After a while she …

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Vid 598

White Pants

Desperate to pee, Alisha is lucky to find a secluded spot behind a tall fence outside. She is eager for relief, but her zipper is stuck. We get to watch as she frantically struggles with her zipper, trying not to pee in her white pants. She can’t hold it any longer though. She squats down, still wearing her pants, and …

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Vid 597

Slow Motion Jeans

For this jeans wetting video we decided to do something a bit different. We wanted to do a slow motion video of Alisha peeing in her pants. Instead of simply recording video of Alisha peeing in her jeans, then slowing it down, we used a slow motion technique called over-cranking. In over-cranking the video is recorded at a higher frame …

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Vid 592

Simultaneous Shower Pee

We join Alisha and Sosha in the shower for this video and Sosha is already bursting to pee. Alisha is wearing only a tiny, white tank top, naked from the waist down. Sosha is wearing only panties, naked from the waist up. As we watch Alisha and Sosha start the shower, Sosha frantically fights to control her bladder. Alisha, on …

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Vid 590

Wetting Panties

Both Sosha and Alisha pee in their panties in this video. This is really two videos in one. First we are treated to Sosha peeing through her lacy black panties on the toilet. She then masturbates in her warm, wet underwear. Then we join Sosha and Alisha on the sofa. They talk about the video we just saw with Sosha. …

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Vid 589

Sosha Pees on Alisha

Check out Sosha as she pees through her panties onto Alisha in this video. We join Alisha and Sosha in bed for this video. Sosha is wearing panties and Alisha is wearing shorts. Needing to pee, Sosha first plans to just pee in her panties on the bed. Just before she pees on the bed though, she decides to pee …

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Vid 583

Desperate Bathroom Fun

Alisha and Sosha are in the bathroom and Sosha desperately needs to pee. She is still able to hold it though, so the girls pass the time by going down on each other. Eventually Sosha can’t hold it anymore and pees in her jeans. In this video we get to watch Sosha get very desperate to pee. With nothing else …

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Vid 582

Sharing a Diaper

For this video we thought it would be fun to show you something we haven’t done for a while- A diaper wetting video on HD Wetting. We have a dedicated diaper website, HD Diapers, where you can find all sorts of great diaper wetting videos. However, we still wanted to share this diaper wetting video here. In this video both …

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Vid 580

Sensual Pee Dance

This is another lengthy desperation video followed by both Alisha and Sosha peeing in their clothes. In this video Sosha is wearing just her pink panties while Alisha is wearing blue sweat pants. Both girls are desperate to pee. To make things a bit more interesting while they are holding, we set up some different challenges for the girls. They …

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