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Vid 623

Self Filmed in Panties

Alisha intentionally pees in her panties in this video she made for her boyfriend. When her boyfriend is away on a trip Alisha misses him. Knowing that he misses getting to watch her pee in her panties, she made him this video. In the video Alisha records herself as she stands and pees through her underwear. After she is done …

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Photos- Wetting Sweatpants

We head outside with Alisha as she pees in her gray sweatpants in this photo set. Alisha is wearing a black zip-up hoodie and gray sweat pants in these pictures. For the first part of the photo set she is posing for the camera looking cute, but perhaps a bit desperate to pee. As she poses she flashes her panties …

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Vid 622

Nowhere To Go

Watch Alisha accidentally pee in her pants in this video. We join Alisha outside. She is already desperate to pee, but there is no where to go. Needing to pee badly she dances around. Unfortunately for her there is no where to go and she is forced to try to keep holding it. Then it happens- Her pee starts to …

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Vid 621

Laundry Room

After a prolonged period of desperation Alisha has a wet accident in her jeans. In this video we get to watch from a hidden camera as Alisha enters the laundry room to check on her clothes in the dryer. When she goes to leave the laundry room she discovers the door is locked. She is trapped and unable to get …

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Vid 620

Wetting in the Shower

Alisha and Nikko intentionally pee in their shorts before showering together in this video. We start with both Nikko and Alisha in the bathroom. Stepping into the tub together they both intentionally pee in their shorts. First Nikko wetting her short denim shorts before Alisha pees in her khaki colored ones. With their clothes now wet from their pee Alisha …

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Vid 619

Nikko’s Stuck Zipper

There is a plague of stuck zippers that seems to be hitting the girls of HD Wetting and Nikko is its latest victim. Walking along the river with Alisha Nikko is desperate to pee. Nikko wants to go pee in the pushes, but Alisha keeps delaying her, explaining the dangers of peeing in the shrubs. Finally Nikko is unable to …

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Vid 618

Lesbian Golden Showers

Alisha and Nikko get wet and kinky in bed in this sexy video. For this video we join Nikko and Alisha in bed. Wearing only their panties they make out and grind against each other. Nikko massages Alisha’s bladder making her have to pee. When Nikko confesses to Sosha that she has to pee, Alisha asks Nikko to pee on …

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Vid 617

Alisha’s POV

This video lets you step into Alisha’s shoes and experience things from her point of view. The camera is positioned so you get to see things through Alisha’s eyes. Alisha is tied up to a chair and desperate to pee when Nikko comes over and starts tickling her. It isn’t long before Alisha pees in her blue leggings. Nikko then …

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Vid 616

Make Out Pee

While making out with Nikko along the river Alisha pees her pants. They then both take their shirts off. In this video we get to watch Alisha and Nikko make out along the river. Alisha is wearing gray leggings and desperately needs to pee. It is long before trickles of urine start running down Alisha’s legs and the light gray …

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Vid 614


We open in a dimly lit garage. Nikko is sitting topless in a chair in the middle of the floor. She is tied to the chair, completely unable to move, under a bright interrogation style light. Tape covers her mouth rendering her unable to speak or yell for help. Alisha, pleased with herself, struts into view, totally in control of …

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