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Arrested Peeing on the Floor

Alisha gets arrested for peeing on the floor in this video. Desperate to pee, Alisha resorts to trespassing to find a private place to relieve herself. Overcome with desperation, it is all she can manage to get her shorts down. Panties still on, she squats and pees, soaking her underwear and making a puddle on the floor. Unfortunately, police officer …

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Photos- Alisha and Nikko Selfies

Nikko and Alisha pose for the camera and pee in their clothes in these wet selfies. This gallery features selfies from both Nikko and Alisha. In these pictures the girls photograph themselves in the bathroom mirror as they pee in their clothes. Nikko is wearing only blue panties and Alisha is wearing gray sweat pants. The images shown here are …

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Vid 680

Spanking Alisha

After being repeatedly spanked by Nikko, Alisha dribbles in her white panties in this video. Alisha is tied up, wearing only white panties, in perfect spanking condition. Nikko is wearing sexy black lingerie. We get to watch Nikko spank Alisha, trying to get her to pee in her panties. Eventually Nikko is successful. Alisha ends up dribbling a fair amount …

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Vid 679

Nikko’s Bound Jeans Wetting

Tied up, topless, wearing only jeans and panties, Nikko is desperate to pee. After being tickled by Alisha, she ends up uncontrollably peeing in her pants. With her jeans now soaked with her pee, Alisha helps Nikko out of her damp clothes. Now, in only her panties, Nikko gets fingered by Alisha until she has an orgasm.

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Vid 678

Peeing on Nikko’s Pussy

Nikko gets her pussy peed on by Alisha in this very sexy video. Tied up and naked, Nikko is unable to escape. Alisha, climbing on top of Nikko, tells Nikko exactly what she plans to do- Pee on her. At first, Nikko has strong objections to this plan. However, she seems to soften a bit when Alisha promises to lick …

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Vid 677

A Frustrating Ending

At the end of this video Nikko is left dripping wet, horny, and frustrated. How she ended up this way makes for a very fun video for us to watch. We start off with Nikko chained up, unable to escape, topless, but wearing pants. She is desperate to pee. Alisha enters the scene and starts teasing Nikko, rubbing on her …

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Vid 676

Visiting the Gynecologist

Nikko’s annual exam takes a wet turn when she pees all over the nurse and the exam room in this video. It is time for Nikko’s once a year appointment with the gynecologist, something she truly despises. Already uncomfortable at the aspect of having her girly bits poked and prodded, she grows even more concerned when the nurse states that …

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Photos- Wetting Her Cargo Pants

Alisha gets desperate before peeing in her cargo pants in this photo gallery. We start of the pictures with Alisha simply posing for the camera. As we progress through the images it becomes evident that Alisha is desperate to pee. Then, we are treated to several images as she actually pees in her pants, the wetness glistening on the fabric. …

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Vid 675

Eating Out

Nikko is tied up, naked, being ate out by Alisha when she accidentally pees. Watch Alisha and Nikko engage and some serious girl-on-girl fun in this video. Both girls are completely naked, Nikko is tied up and being ate out by Alisha. The only problem is that Nikko needs to pee. Nikko tries to warn Alisha that her bladder is …

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Vid 674

Accident While Being Arrested

As if being arrested isn’t humiliating enough, Alisha ends up having a wetting accident in her jeans when she is placed in handcuffs. Creeping around suspiciously at night, Alisha is confronted by officer Nikko who demands to know what she is doing. When Alisha is unable to give a straight answer, Nikko’s suspicions grow and she places her under arrest. …

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