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Gallery 004

Photos- Elizabeth and Alice

Alice pees in her skin tight pants and Elizabeth pisses through her blue shorts in this photo set. Check out these 60 exclusive photographs featuring Elizabeth and Alice peeing in their clothes. ¬†First you get a series of photos showing Alice grow progressively more desperate until she pisses in her white pants, creating a beautiful wet stain on her thighs. …

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Vid 252

Through the Looking Glass

Admiring herself in the mirror, Alice watches her reflection as she pees through her panties.

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Vid 250

Tied Up and Locked Out

Elizabeth ties Alice up outside, forcing her to pee in her jeans. Afterwards Alice convinces Elizabeth to let her go. Alice then runs inside, locking Elizabeth out where she end up having an accident.

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Vid 249

Alice Pees in a Bowl

Alice pees through her pink boyshort panties into a bowl.

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Vid 247

Car Wash

Elizabeth and Alice both pee in their bikinis while washing a car.

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Vid 246

Alice Pees on Elizabeth

Alice ties Elizabeth down to the bed and pees on her.

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Vid 245

Alice Pees on a Public Street

Alice pees in her tight jeans while walking down a public street.

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Vid 244

Peeing on a Towel

Elizabeth and Alice are outside and both need to pee. After discovering the house is locked, Elizabeth decides to spread a towel out on the ground and pee on it.

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Vid 243

Alice Pees in Her Bed

Alice needs to go pee, but her bed is just so comfortable. Not wanting to get up, she decides to wet her bed.

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Vid 242

Double the Fun

Alice and Elizabeth have twice the fun when they both pee in the same pair of pants. First Elizabeth wets them, then Alice puts them on and pees in them too.

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