Sosha’s Interview

Sosha candidly discusses her interest in urination in this tell all sit down interview.

Have you ever wondered about the backgrounds of your favorite wet models?  Are they genuinely into peeing?  How did they come to end up on a wetting fetish site?  Do they actually have accidents in real life?

In this video we sit down with Sosha and candidly discuss her background and find the answers to some of these questions.  Sosha talks about how she first became interested in HD Wetting.  She also shares a tale of how she had an accident when she was 19 and a separate incident where she wet the bed.  Also she spends some time reflecting on what it is like to pee in her pants and what she enjoys about it.

This video is illustrated with other clips from HD Wetting, including some scenes that have not yet been published at the time this video is being released.

This video shows-

  • Sosha candidly talking about wetting her pants and having a pee fetish.
  • Clips from other HD Wetting videos, some of which are still unreleased.