Behind the Scenes- Sosha Really Needs to Pee

Sosha is really, really, desperate to pee in this behind the scenes video. We were set to do a photo shoot with her, but had to finish doing another video with Alisha first. By the time we got around to the photo shoot with Sosha she was absolutely bursting.

Fans of true desperation are really going to love this video. Sosha is clearly insanely desperate. She needs to pee so bad that posing for the camera is excruciatingly difficult. Once she peed, it was a long, forceful stream that continued for an impressive length of time. After she finished peeing she took some time to show off her soaking wet panties for the camera.

In this video you get to see-

  • Sosha desperate to pee as she tries to pose for the camera.
  • Sosha peeing a long, forceful stream in her panties for an impressive length of time.
  • Showing off her soaked panties after she is done peeing.