Sosha Pees on Alisha

Check out Sosha as she pees through her panties onto Alisha in this video.

We join Alisha and Sosha in bed for this video. Sosha is wearing panties and Alisha is wearing shorts. Needing to pee, Sosha first plans to just pee in her panties on the bed. Just before she pees on the bed though, she decides to pee on Alisha instead.

Kneeling over Alisha Sosha pees through her panties. Not only does she soak her panties and Alisha, but the bed as well. Alisha’s shorts are so wet it looks like she may have peed in her clothes as well.

After she is done peeing Sosha lays back on the bed, still in her wet panties, to relax. Alisha, with her shorts now soaked, undresses. We get a nice view of Alisha nude below the waist. She then snuggles up next to Sosha in bed.