She Needed to Pee

After a day of shooting we were heading back when Sosha, unexpectedly, needed to pee again. There was no place to stop on the highway, so she had to hold on until we found a small side road to pull off onto. This road took us up into the forest. We found a secluded location, parked, and Sosha got out.

Even though she was extremely desperate, we didn’t want to waist an opportunity to make a wetting video. We got the camera set up and recorded this video. Since she didn’t have any other pants to change into, she did it in just her panties.

We get to watch Sosha standing in the forest in her panties, desperate and holding herself. Because she needs to go so bad, there is very little lead up. She says a couple things to the camera, then she pees in her panties. Her pink panties quickly become soaked and her stream splatters on the forest floor making a puddle.

Once she is done peeing she is warm, wet, and feeling content. Enjoying the post wetting sensation, she proceeds to masturbate, still wearing her sopping wet panties, in the open forest.