Roxanne Rest Area Wetting

This public wetting video didn’t go quite as planned.

Here is what was supposed to happen- Roxanne, who already had to pee, would approach a closed facility at a rest area.  Upon finding it closed, she would have an accident.

Everything seemed to be going just fine. Roxanne was clearly desperate to pee when she approached the locked gate closing off the bathroom. Immediately she started to pee in her jeans.  After having wet her pants she began to walk away.

Then something unexpected happened.  For no obvious reason she stopped walking and turned away from the camera, facing back towards the closed off restroom.  I was anxious and ready to get out of there.  Shooting video of girls wetting themselves in public, I am always concerned about the possibility of a negative confrontation.  What was she doing? Why wasn’t she heading back like we planned?  Why was she just standing there facing the closed off rest area?

These questions and more ran through my head.  Maybe, I thought, she was just too embarrassed by such a public wetting and frozen with humiliation.  If this was the case, it wasn’t a situation I was prepared for.  I was shooting form a distance using a powerful zoom lens as to draw less attention to what we were doing.  If she didn’t get out of there on her own I was going to have to approach her.

For me several minutes seemed to go by, but in actuality it was more like 15 seconds.  Finally she spun around an headed back like we had originally planned and we were able to get out of there.

Afterwards she explained what happened- As soon as she finished peeing the door to the closed restroom opened.  A man who was cleaning it came out and saw her full on with wet jeans.  From my vantage point at the camera I couldn’t see him.  Instead of ignoring her or pretending nothing happened, he told her the other rest area was open and started giving her instructions how to get there.  Roxanne simply said that it was too late and was going back to her car.

This video shows-

  • Roxanne desperate to pee approaching a closed restroom at a highway rest area.
  • Roxanne peeing in her jeans outside the locked gate to the restroom.
  • Roxanne walking away from the gate in wet jeans, then stopping and turning around.