Sitting in her own pee-puddle

Puddle Play

Peeing in her jeans is just the beginning of this video.  After soaking her pants, she sits down on the floor for some sexy fun in her own piss puddle.

In this video we find Sosha, topless, wearing only jeans and panties.  Needing to pee, and in love with wetting her pants, she doesn’t hold back.  The camera zooms in as she lets go, peeing through her underwear and soaking her jeans.  As she pees, the camera pans down, following the streams down her legs to her bare feet, where a warm golden puddle is forming.

Once she is done peeing she sits down on the floor, directly in the center of her puddle.  Relishing in the sensation, she runs her hands across the wet denim, before removing her jeans and revealing her sopping wet blue and white striped cotton panties.

Now, wearing nothing but her pee saturated underwear, sitting a puddle of her own making, she gives in to the overwhelming sexual urges.  Leaving her wet panties on, she rubs her pussy, furiously masturbating until she has an intense, full body, orgasm.  With that, she is spent.  In her post-orgasmic state, the video comes to a close, as she completely looses track that she was doing a video.

Preview Images

Topless and desperate to pee
About to pee in her pants
Close up as she pees her pants
Having peed her pants, she stands proudly in her puddle
Wet jeans still on, she sits down in her puddle
Rubbing her wet jeans
Taking off her pants
Sitting in her puddle rubbing her pussy
Masturbating furiously in her wet underwear
Smiling, happy, after having an orgasm